“For that fought for it and ran”…

A vaccine activist, former senior military doctor, is critically ill with coronavirus at 401 Γ.Σ.Ν.Α.

He was suspended from work due to a categorical refusal to make mandatory vaccinations for medical workers and led anti-vaccination rallies in the capital’s Syntagma Square. He is known to the general public for his online broadcasts and posts. Now the man is fiercely fighting for his life in the hospital, as he faced a serious respiratory problem due to infection with the coronavirus.

According to the detached doctor, natural immunity is much more effective than vaccinations – it can easily cope with the disease and provide the body with the necessary antibodies. One of his main theories, which he presented to others, is the likelihood of implantation of mRNA vaccines (Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech, for example) of genetic material into the human body. He spoke about it so confidently that he gained many followers who praised his position on social media.

From the author. Anticipating angry comments, I want to assure you: I am not gloating, I feel sorry for every sick person who is fighting for his life with an aggressive coronavirus, regardless of what his views on vaccination are. But I still think that everyone should make a decision on vaccinations on their own, this is purely personal, even to some extent intimate, and not shout about it at rallies or in social networks. Although my opinion has nothing to do with the decisions of the government taking measures against the spread of coronavirus in society. For a sober assessment of the situation and an adequate response to it, there are doctors, experts and people who for the next few years have taken responsibility for the life and health of the country’s population.

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