EODY: a new anti-record today

Today, on November 5, the coronavirus took 48 lives of residents of Greece, 450 patients are on intubation, 6909 new cases of infection have been registered.

This is a new unfortunate 24 hour anti-record recorded by EODY. 18 new cases were found at the gateway to Greece. The total during the pandemic period increased to 774 265 (daily change + 0.9%), of which 50.7% are men. Over the past week, 150 cases are associated with foreign travel, 2588 – with previously known.

There were 48 new deaths from COVID, which increased the number of deaths during the pandemic to 16,200 deaths. Among the deceased, 95.4% had an underlying disease and / or were 70 years of age or older.

Intubation was performed in 450 patients (59.3% of men), whose average age was 65 years, and 81.3% had an underlying disease and advanced age – 70 years and older. Among intubated patients, 84% (378) were not vaccinated or had time to administer the first dose, and 16% (72 people) were fully vaccinated. During the entire period of the pandemic in Greece, 3,347 patients managed to cope with the disease and were discharged from intensive care units.

356 new patients with Covid-19 were admitted to hospitals (daily shift -1.93%). Over the past week, an average of 319 patients were hospitalized, with an average age of 38 years. The average age of the deceased is 78 years (from 0.2 to 106).

From the very beginning of the pandemic, from January 1, 2020, testing has been carried out regularly in the country. The total number of tests for the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) analyzed in laboratories exceeds 7 million (7,074,562 clinical samples). 20,133,699 samples were examined using rapid tests. The average number of tests in the last 7 days is 233,695 spot checks.

As of yesterday, November 4, 2021, 48,874,238 self-test reports were received in electronic form, 2,767,549 people applied for re-monitoring.

EODY Mass Sampling: On 4 November 2021, EODY Mobile Health Teams (KOMYs) conducted 180 sampling operations with 27,279 Rapid Ag tests performed. Found 922 positive (3.38%).

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