The vertebral column of torture – how to keep it healthy with proper nutrition

A healthy flexible spine is an indicator of longevity, according to doctors in ancient times. However, in the modern world, at the age of 40, many have a disappointing diagnosis – osteochondrosis, sciatica, sciatica, spondylosis, and further down the list of possible problems. Is it possible to maintain the health of the spine, and what is needed for this?

What the spine needs

Many back problems are caused by inactivity – prolonged sitting in offices, relaxing on the couch, unwillingness to go jogging or do at least a few effective and accessible exercises for everyone. And also – the spine requires regular proper nutrition, which contains all the substances necessary for its health:

Calcium is the main component of bones; Phosphorus – maintains the balance of metabolism; Magnesium – without it, as well as without vitamin D, calcium is hardly absorbed by the body; Manganese is a “supplier” of intervertebral discs and cartilage with oxygen at the cellular level.

The lack of these substances increases the fragility of bones and “guarantees” problems with the spine.

The nuances of nutrition of the spine

The bone system of the body and other organs need a lot of calcium. The daily allowance for adults is 1000 mg, and for pregnant women it doubles. Fortunately, calcium is found in many foods: eggs, liver, seeds and nuts, dairy and cornmeal, cucumbers and carrots, cabbage and kidneys. Unfortunately, calcium is not absorbed properly without phosphorus, vitamin D and magnesium. Without them, a substance vital for bones will settle in the body as kidney stones or salts in the joints, or even simply be excreted in the urine.

In order to saturate the body with vitamin D, you need to include dairy products, butter, egg yolks and fatty fish in the diet. Magnesium is found in nuts, wholemeal breads, and bran. Lovers of fish dishes will not lack phosphorus. Lovers of coffee and alcoholic beverages, as well as those with a sweet tooth, should know that their addictions contribute to the elimination of calcium from the body. Sugar, for example, which removes calcium, should preferably be replaced with honey, sweet fruits and juices.

In order for the above useful foods to be effectively absorbed, you need to pay special attention to the work of the intestines and stomach. Dysbacteriosis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract will certainly affect the strength of your spine.

Drinking regime

Experts advise people with a weakened spine to consume at least 2 liters of water per day (this recommendation does not apply to sugary and carbonated drinks). You need to drink not during a meal and not immediately after it, the best time is between meals. Do not forget – the recovery processes in a dehydrated body are much worse.

And also – be in the sun more often, since Greece generously offers it almost all year round. Vitamin D, which is essential for the absorption of calcium, is synthesized in the body by exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Well, if spinal problems are already beginning to annoy, there is a safe, comfortable and effective way to get rid of them. A few sessions with an experienced osteopath, combined with a well-thought-out menu, will help you feel energized again and forget about lower back, back or neck pain.

Osteopathic doctor Sergei Eleutheriadis.
Address: Aphroditis 11 Paleo Faliro.
Mob: 6979318267 viber.

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