The robbers enriched themselves in the amount of 128,000 euros

In Thessaloniki, the police have eliminated a group of criminals who “specialized” in breaking into armored doors.

In the case, three people were arrested who entered houses located on the eastern side of the city. The amount, which the robbers have “enriched”, according to preliminary estimates, is 128,000 euros.

According to the authorities, one of the criminals was identified in the past as involved in burglaries and wanted in seven European countries.

For the arrest of three men – 46, 37 and 38 years old – a police operation was organized in the center of Thessaloniki (Harilau district). According to the investigation, the criminals have been “united” since at least the end of April 2021 and performed different roles. Over the course of three months, they carried out a robbery and nine burglaries in the Kalamaria, Harilau and Tumpa areas.

According to the Thessaloniki Police Headquarters, the detainees traveled in two vehicles and parked far from the target in order to reach the pre-selected apartment buildings on foot without being noticed.

Illegal entry into apartments took place in the morning or in the evening, and skilled “burglars” did not leave marks on the doors. The robbers preferred houses in which the exit of residents from the entrance was in a crowded place. They themselves changed their clothes after committing a crime in order to remain unnoticed.

During the search in the houses of the three detainees, burglary tools, metal vices, balaclavas, tools for opening safe-type door locks (usually installed on armored doors) and so on were found and seized. They found and seized four bottles of liquid methadone with a total gross weight of 591.8 grams, a small package of heroin, two pepper sprays and a folding knife (cold weapon).

The loot of robbers includes sums of money, gold jewelry and various expensive things and items (watches, etc.).

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