New ENFIA: abolished additional tax, new scales and rates

One of the most “pressing issues” that the government will be busy with in the near future is ENFIA 2022. A tax that emerged in an emergency and became not only permanent, but, so to speak, an instrument, a “strong point” of every government.

Everyone remembers how the former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, even before 2015, said that “ENFIA is an irrational tax that is not being adjusted and needs to be canceled.” However, he not only did not do this, but even later described it as “one of the fairest taxes.”

Current Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis also supports ENFIA, but is trying to reduce it and fix some obvious injustices, such as a surcharge, which is essentially a tax on a tax.

The only certainty is that ENFIA has come and will remain. The goal is for the property tax to be distributed fairly.

The government and especially the Ministry of Finance say that the ENFIA of 2022 will be radically different from the one that is valid until today. One of the main changes in the tax will be that there will be no additional fees (συμπληρωματικός φόρος) from owners who own real estate worth more than 250,000 euros.

The additional tax is included in the main tax. Thus, those with high value properties will see rates increase depending on the zone in which the property is located.

According to the statement of the Minister of Finance Christos Staikuras (13.09.2021): “We continue to reduce the target rates of ENFIA, which will be in effect for 2022. This event is aimed at a more equitable distribution of the tax with a parallel reduction of ENFIA for the majority of citizens from the new year. “

The full picture of ENFIA fees, rates and amounts of taxes that taxpayers will be required to pay will be visible by the end of November. The main features of the new ENFIA, which will be paid in several installments, 10 or 12, the first of which will be in March 2022 and the last in December 2022 or March 2023, are as follows:

The basis for the calculation will be the new fair values ​​announced a few months ago and approaching commercial ones. The additional tax, which is credited to the owner, ceases to apply. Until now, it has operated for those who own real estate worth more than 250,000 euros. Establishment of a new scale with new tariffs, which will gradually increase depending on the zone. The scale will have more steps than the current one, and the factors of age, floor, facade, auxiliary premises of the property will be taken into account. All discounts that are valid today and range from 10% to 30%, and are proportional to the number of properties, will be included in the final tax. Tax breaks for vulnerable groups remain the same – from 50% to 100%. …

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