Free housing for young couples – what the government plans

The government appears to be considering new support measures, especially for youth, in addition to what the Prime Minister announced from the podium at the ΔΕΘ international exhibition. Among them … free apartments for young couples!

With multinational companies forecasting growth well above 5.9% and Finance Minister Christos Staikuras anticipating new tax cuts, the government is reportedly working on other support measures.

In addition to the abolition of solidarity contributions for civil servants and pensioners, as well as the reduction of property tax ENFIA, fees (τέλους επιτηδεύματος) and insurance premiums, it is possible for young couples to receive … free housing!

In the context of measures support for the next generationAccording to the newspaper “Τα Νέα”, the government is considering a scenario of providing free housing to young families.

The property will be provided for free use to vulnerable households and young couples.

The homes that will be available free of charge are properties (apartments and houses) available in the Public Real Estate Company database.

The state company for the sale of real estate “Societe Anonyme” (ETAD SA) has more than 70,000 real estate objects, and a very large number of them can be transferred to newlyweds.

It is expected that this measure, as noted in the publication, will act in addition to the “employment allowance” for newcomers to work, ie. persons under 29 years old.

Let us remind you that the government is ready to pay them 600 euros, plus 600 euros from the employer. Thus, in total, the salary of a young employee without work experience will be 1200 euros.

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