Mitsotakis announces 13% property tax cut

Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced a 13% cut in the Single Property Tax (ENFIA) on Wednesday morning. The premier added that the additional 13% cut covers the government’s commitment to cut property taxes by a total of 30%. 13%. Συνεχίζουμε να καλύπτουμε μέρος των αυξήσεων στους λογαριασμούς του ρεύματος που οφείλονται στη διεθνή ενεργειακή κρίση, ενώ την […]

Mitsotakis – ΕΝΦΙΑ: new 13% reduction

The Prime Minister announced a 13% reduction in ΕΝΦΙΑ in an emergency message on Wednesday morning 2 February. According to the Prime Minister, in the context of the international energy crisis and the resulting price increase, the state continues to subsidize part of the increase in electricity bills and introduces from May 1 second minimum […]

Real estate: ENFIA, taxation, loans and others "Problems" in 2022

Themistoklis Bakas, president of the pan-Greek real estate network E-Real Estates, spoke about what the image of the real estate market will be in 2022. The coronavirus pandemic is the main regulator of tomorrow and is reshaping data that until now have been considered landmarks in many sectors of the economy. “The Greek economy receives […]

In the new 2022 taxpayers "sigh"

The total package, planned by the Ministry of Finance and reflected in the budget, will exceed 2 billion euros, and the goal is for every taxpayer to see that his own family budget benefits from some tax cuts. The package concerns private sector workers, who this year will continue to benefit from the suspension of […]

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