The tax service writes off debts: who is deleted from the list of debtors

The Greek tax inspectorate’s circular AADE instructs all services to immediately start writing off the debts of thousands of debtors. Those who have tax debts of up to ten euros are permanently excluded from the list of debtors. The condition for the write-off is that the specified debts are overdue until 11/25/2019, but the citizen […]

ENFIA: 1,500,000 homeowners will be eligible for a 50% discount

From Monday, Greek taxpayers will receive a notification in the TAXIS system about the ENFIA amounts charged to them. Going to the of the Independent State Revenue Service, you can see the new data and scales, and according to the tax authority AADE, many owners will be eligible for the discount this year. Reportedly, […]

New ENFIA: abolished additional tax, new scales and rates

One of the most “pressing issues” that the government will be busy with in the near future is ENFIA 2022. A tax that emerged in an emergency and became not only permanent, but, so to speak, an instrument, a “strong point” of every government. Everyone remembers how the former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, even before […]

ΕΝΦΙΑ: scenario for 2022

The Ministry of Finance is deciding on the final figures for ΕΝΦΙΑ in 2022, which will be announced after the introduction of a new scale of the objective value of real estate objects. As you know, contributions will begin to be paid from March next year. The repayment of ΕΝΦΙΑ will be done in installments […]

ΕΝΦΙΑ: who is exempt and who has a discount

By the end of September, it is expected that notifications will be sent to taxpayers regarding the payment of real estate tax ΕΝΦΙΑ-2021. In September, more than 7 million property owners will be notified of the tax amount, which will be calculated on the basis of the previous scale. As a reminder, in 2021, the […]

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