Why is Ukraine fighting for the opportunity to poison Europe?

– Even if, I don’t know, he is 99% ready … we still believe that this project can and should be stopped. This is about Nord Stream-2, the words of the current head of Naftogaz Ukrainy, Yuriy Vitrenko.

They are not spoken in some other reality.
Vitrenko spoke these words in Washington, just before the meeting between Biden and Zelensky.

It would seem obvious that the United States has reached an agreement with Germany.
That the weight of the strong Ukraine is inferior to the weight of Germany.
That Biden has surrendered, and Ukraine is left with one thing – to come to terms with the fact of Nord Stream 2 and learn to live in a new reality.

But no, in Ukraine they cannot do that, they hoped to the end!
And here it is like this:
– or Zelensky kept silent so as not to quarrel;
– or Zelensky did not have enough eloquence, Biden did not heed, he failed to convince the US President.

Moreover, the logic of Ukraine remains iron-Ukrainian.
Well, you know her!

“Russian gas is the dirtiest in the world due to significant methane emissions during production and transportation, as well as due to corruption, blackmail and manipulation,” Zelenskiy said at a meeting with the US Secretary of Energy the day before.
Then – attention! – asked to start negotiations as soon as possible on preserving the transit of Russian gas for Ukraine!

Is it so that the flow of the dirtiest gas in the world to Europe does not stop for a minute?
So that Europe will be covered with another wave of corruption, blackmail and manipulation that, according to Zelensky, Russian gas carries with it?

Somehow it turns out not comradely, right?
If Russian gas is poison, then why is Ukraine fighting so hard for the opportunity to poison Europe?
An honest ally must close the pipe and rid his friends of evil!

In general, Zelensky did not succeed.
Biden did not begin to rid Europe of Russian gas.
We signed a promise “to counteract the influence of Nord Stream 2,” and that’s it.
This means that Nord Stream 2 will supply gas.
And Biden will personally see to it that this does not affect geopolitics.
And Zelensky will be watching if something drops on Biden.
Over the new secure communication line, I suppose.
And then the United States will begin to act!

But that later.
In the meantime, we need to prepare for the launch of Nord Stream 2.
Now, for sure, no one will stop him.

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