Playing with fire in the Persian Gulf

US Department of Justice continues with gusto publish declassified documents about the links of intelligence agencies and diplomats of Saudi Arabia with the terrorists who staged 9/11. They have come out with enviable consistency since last September – the 20th anniversary of the attacks – and become another Washington bludgeon looming over Riyadh. The documents […]

Fake reboot

After years of deteriorating relations between the United States and Turkey, a concerted effort is underway at the White House to promote a new narrative about the US-Turkish relationship. This narrative focuses primarily on how the war in Ukraine offers a chance to reset relations between Washington and Ankara and reverse Turkey’s recent bias towards […]

Washington insists that Greece hand over the S-300 to Ukraine

The United States insists that Greece provide Kyiv with more substantial military assistance than what was sent at the end of February. Namely, we are talking about the transfer of the S-300 air defense system, which Greece got from Cyprus. This publication reports Greece, the article says, is the only country in NATO that […]

Dangerous Insults

Panagis Vourloomis: “Russian President Vladimir Putin is a murderer and he is destroying his own people. I shout it because I believe in it and I want to blow off some steam, but I’m a private person and what I say doesn’t matter.“. This is not the case when such extremely harsh statements come from […]

Putin is not Hitler, Biden is not Roosevelt, and Zelensky is certainly not Churchill

Today, with the start of Cold War 2, it has become popular to compare politicians with their predecessors: Putin with Hitler, Zelensky with Churchill, and Biden with Roosevelt, writes American Thinker. The author of the article explains why such rhetoric is inappropriate. Western politicians and pundits advocating doing more to defend Ukraine’s independence often cite […]

USA: parody of the president made me doubt a close ally

A parody of Joe Biden, shown on one of the Saudi TV channels, caused a mixed reaction in the United States. Fox News notes that the parody suggests whether Riyadh remains a “close ally” of Washington. According to TV presenter Tucker Carlson, even American television does not allow itself to show Biden’s “obvious dementia”, and […]

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