Why did Victoria Nuland flew to Moscow?

Victoria Nuland flew to Moscow. No cookies. And so it turned out with difficulty, because in order for Victoria to receive a Russian visa, the Americans had to lift sanctions from several Russians. Just think how much the Americans need this visit. The American administration practically never takes such steps, but in order for Mrs. […]

Biden heralds a “new era” of diplomacy at the UN

The address of the US President sounded due to the fact that many in the world community in recent months are skeptical about American foreign policy. President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the United States is “ushering in a new era of relentless diplomacy” following the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, telling the United Nations General […]

“He was completely moved by his mind,” – ex-White House doctor

Congressman Ronnie Jackson, a former White House physician, reported the declining mental capacity of US President Joe Biden on Fox News. According to The Hill, Jackson is confident that the US president will step down in the near future. He says that Biden’s cognitive abilities are rapidly deteriorating. Sean Hannity, host of the program, suggested […]

Biden got rid of American journalists

At a meeting with reporters after the US-Russia summit in Geneva, the American president cursed, ignored and criticized representatives of the American media. First, Joe Biden had a fight at a press conference with the American journalist, White House CNN chief correspondent Caitlin Collins, who did not see any constructiveness at the last meeting. When […]

Biden-Putin summit: main topics and results of negotiations

The summit of the Russian Federation and the United States seems to have been more effective than Putin’s meeting with the previous American leader, Donald Trump. Here, Mr. Biden’s diplomacy must be given its due. Putin more than once noted the constructiveness of the conversation and even singled out the current US president from the […]

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