The Tragedy of Joe Biden

Forcing an elderly person with progressive dementia into the role of “frontman” of the Deep State. Dozens of incidents show that the American president… is a problem for the whole world. The mental and intellectual state of US President Joe Biden, who clearly could not and cannot perform presidential duties in the most powerful political […]

Biden tests positive for coronavirus

US President Joe Biden, 79, has tested positive for coronavirus, the White House said today. According to the same statement, the American leader has “very mild symptoms” and will “continue to work” from his office in the White House, remaining in isolation while he is injected with the drug Paxlovid. Just the day before, the […]

Joe Biden fell off his bike and…

US President Joe Biden fell off his bike while walking outside his home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. This embarrassment was caught on video, as a group of journalists stood nearby and asked him questions. Luckily, he didn’t hurt anything. After the fall, Biden told worried reporters that he was fine. The presidential pool immediately reported […]

Fox News host accuses Biden of molesting his daughter

American TV host The diary contains allegations that Biden showered with his daughter when she was a child, which she called “sexually inappropriate”. “Imagine that you are the father of daughters. Ask yourself: is there any explanation for such behavior that could justify it? There is no such explanation. This is a perversion, this is […]

WP: Biden is preparing to fight to the last Ukrainian

“Limited war requires limits,” wrote Harvard professor Thomas Schelling in his classic 1960 book, The Strategy of Conflict. This week, President Biden took several steps to define the West’s goals in the war in Ukraine and its limits. Biden summarized his administration’s approach in an article “>, published on Wednesday in the New York Times. […]

US policy towards Ukraine collided with reality

Author of the publication The Hill outraged that Americans are forced to live in two worlds. On TV they talk about the victory of Ukraine, the success of Biden and the unity of NATO. In fact, Russia is winning, and political dementia is visible in Biden’s behavior. But who is driving this increasingly miserable body? […]

Greece welcomes the decision of Finland and Sweden to apply for NATO membership, Foreign Ministry says

“Greece welcomes the historic decision of Finland and Sweden to apply to join NATO,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday. On May 18, Sweden and Finland jointly presented their candidates to join NATO. O decision Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said at a joint press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö in […]

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