Putin is not Hitler, Biden is not Roosevelt, and Zelensky is certainly not Churchill

Today, with the start of Cold War 2, it has become popular to compare politicians with their predecessors: Putin with Hitler, Zelensky with Churchill, and Biden with Roosevelt, writes American Thinker. The author of the article explains why such rhetoric is inappropriate. Western politicians and pundits advocating doing more to defend Ukraine’s independence often cite […]

Zelensky framed Tasulis with the performance of the Azov fighter

Parliament speaker Kostas Tassoulas told reporters that he was briefed just 10 minutes before speeches Volodymyr Zelensky about the speech of other participants, but they did not report that they were talking about Azov fighters. Explanations for the scandalous involvement of a member of the neo-Nazi organization of the regiment “Azov” in plenary sessionand the […]

Zelensky spoke in the Greek Parliament: “Freedom or death, your revolutionaries said, today we say the same thing”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is currently addressing Greek MPs with a speech full of references to Greek history. The speech of the Ukrainian President takes place against the backdrop of bloody incident in Bucha and follows a corresponding invitation from the Prime Minister of Greece on the national holiday of 25 March. “Greece condemned the […]

The main misconception about Ukraine

The American Conservative published an article titled “Whitewashing corruption in Ukraine“, Contributing Editor Edition Ted Galen Carpenterin which, contrary to the generally accepted trend in the Western press, he shows a different face of the current Ukrainian government, namely, an undemocratic, corrupt and cruel dictatorship. Statements by US and other Western officials, as well as […]

Zelensky: Turkish ships help evacuate Azov fighters from Mariupol

The first interview of Vladimir Zelensky in the Turkish media and specifically in HaberTurk came out at a rather unfortunate time, shortly before the speech of the Ukrainian president in Greek Parliament. Zelensky praised Turkey And Erdogan, saying, in particular, that Ukraine “counts on the full support of Turkey. We trust the Turkish leadership“. The […]

Greece: Series Premiere "servant of the people" starring Zelensky on central TV

The premiere of the 2015 comedy-satire series “Servant of the People” took place on the Greek central channel ANT1 on the night of Clean Monday (07.03). The main role in the film was played by the former artist of the corresponding genre, and now the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. Alas, writes dikaiologitika.gr, the film, […]

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