"Padlocks" and losses in the field of catering

Measures to restrict the admission of unvaccinated food service establishments to closed spaces will significantly reduce turnover, according to industry officials.

Owners of restaurants, cafes and eateries predict that the new measures the government intends to introduce will harm businesses. The question is also what will happen to the thousands of workers in the industry who fear layoffs (if the catering establishment is closed).

Drop in turnover by at least 30%
Πανελλήνιας Ομοσπονδίας Εστιατόρων και Συναφών Επαγγελμάτων secretary general Georgios Kourasis told ethnos.gr that sales have dropped by at least 30% since the end of October, when they will be used only due to closed weather conditions.

According to him, industry and society will face a series of “lockdowns” of catering establishments, noting: “Unfortunately, we have a war, and in every war there are losses.”

“Given the ban on free entry to unvaccinated people and the current number of vaccinations, it is obvious that as soon as it gets colder and clients prefer to stay indoors, their number will drop dramatically. Due to new measures introduced by the government from September 13, the occupancy of restaurant halls will fall to 85%, but this percentage will be even lower, around 60-70%, due to the distances that must be observed (table dispersion). In addition, even those who have been vaccinated and are free to enter entertainment venues have recently experienced financial difficulties and no longer have time for fun.

All this together will lead to a drop in trade turnover by at least 30% compared to 2019. Unless the number of vaccinated increases dramatically. At the same time, I take it for granted that the catering sector will suffer significant damage, and many enterprises will be forced to close. I see no reason for a company to continue operating if it cannot cover its costs, ”emphasizes Mr. Kurasis in an interview with ethnos.gr.

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