Suspension of work of 21 companies due to non-compliance with measures to combat coronavirus

The operation of 21 companies in Greece was suspended, as a number of measures to combat the spread of coronavirus were violated. The National Transparency Authority (Εθνική Αρχή Διαφάνειας), in cooperation with the police authorities and the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, has launched a program aimed at conducting regular inspections to […]

Schools, kindergartens, nurseries in Attica are closed on January 27 and 28

Schools, kindergartens and nurseries in Attica will remain closed on Thursday and Friday 27 and 28 January, the decision was made by the regional government on Wednesday after the effects of a snow storm caused by Cyclone Elpida. Primary and secondary schools, as well as nurseries and kindergartens, will be closed on Thursday to “prevent […]

Closing temples in quarantine cost millions? So says the Cretan priest

Cleric of the Cretan Orthodox Church Emmanuel Sarris made a scandalous statement. He claims that the Greek metropolises betrayed the believers and were quarantined, receiving a million euros for this. This is reported by the publication “Vima Orthodoxy”. According to the priest, during the first quarantine, Greek churches closed, as they received 1,000,000 euros for […]

"Padlocks" and losses in the field of catering

Measures to restrict the admission of unvaccinated food service establishments to closed spaces will significantly reduce turnover, according to industry officials. Owners of restaurants, cafes and eateries predict that the new measures the government intends to introduce will harm businesses. The question is also what will happen to the thousands of workers in the industry […]

France: curfew and lockdown

A nationwide 4-week lockdown was introduced in the country by French President Emmanuel Macron, France24 reports. The curfew starts at 19:00. Restrictive measures will operate in all 19 regions of the country. You can move away from the place of isolation to a distance of no more than 10 kilometers. Schools and preschools are closed […]

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