Nikos Karavelos talks about the “pandemic of the unvaccinated”

Nikos Karavelos, Director of the Intensive Care Unit at Papanikolaou Hospital, reports an almost 100% occupancy rate in intensive care units in hospitals in Northern Greece. Speaking at SKAI, he talked about a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” – most of the patients there are not vaccinated: Northern Greece is under intense pressure from patients refusing […]

What to do unvaccinated from September 13, if they are going to travel

From Monday, September 13, the new travel regulations for continental and island destinations will come into force: by plane, train and intercity buses. Boarding of unvaccinated passengers 12 years of age and older on airplanes, trains and KTELs is allowed if passengers have a negative PCR test for coronavirus taken 72 hours before their scheduled […]

Welt named Greece the toughest country in relation to vaccinations

The website of the German newspaper Welt published a publication about Greece, describing the country as the toughest against the unvaccinated. The reason, however, is obvious: “The country cannot afford another Lockdown.” The report notes that “for a long time no one expected consistent decisions from Greece,” but nevertheless: “In addition to the health sector, […]

"Padlocks" and losses in the field of catering

Measures to restrict the admission of unvaccinated food service establishments to closed spaces will significantly reduce turnover, according to industry officials. Owners of restaurants, cafes and eateries predict that the new measures the government intends to introduce will harm businesses. The question is also what will happen to the thousands of workers in the industry […]

Petsas: the measures to be announced mainly concern the unvaccinated

According to Stelios Petsas, the new measures to be announced mainly concern the unvaccinated. New measures to reduce the pandemic are expected to be announced in the coming days. This mainly applies to people who have refused the vaccine. This was confirmed by Stelios Petsas, speaking on the program on the SKAI channel. The Deputy […]

Greece: "Do not wash, so skate" – restrictions for the unvaccinated

The countdown has begun for the introduction of decisions on measures against coronavirus, which will enter into force in the fall, while the ban on the entry of unvaccinated people into closed areas of restaurants and entertainment establishments has already been implemented. This means that restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, cinemas, theaters and stadiums will only […]

New restrictions for tourists and residents of Cyprus came into force

Not only for tourists, but also for its own unvaccinated citizens, Cyprus is introducing new restrictive measures from today. From August 1, SafePass antique certificates will have to be presented at the entrance to the premises where there are or hypothetically may be more than 10 people (previously 20). The measures were agreed on Friday […]

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