Expert: which of the vaccinated has the same chance of contracting coronavirus as the unvaccinated

Athanasios Tsakris, professor of microbiology at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA), said that four months after the second dose of the vaccine, antibodies drop, leaving people with almost the same chance of getting covid as the unvaccinated. A new possible wave of a pandemic after the holidays is warned by a professor commenting […]

Vaccinated will be considered unvaccinated from Monday: all changes and new measures

Those who have not been vaccinated with the third dose and have passed 7 months after the vaccination will be considered unvaccinated from Monday. The National Vaccination Committee, with the emergence of the Omicron strain in many countries, as well as in Greece, combined with the apparent increase in the risk of Covid-19 infection, reviewed […]

Bloomberg: Travel Vaccination Certificate Validity 9 Months, EU Proposal

The EU will propose a nine-month limit on the validity of vaccination certificates for travel within the European Union and will create a “priority” register for vaccinated travelers, Bloomberg reported. According to the newspaper, a third booster dose will be required nine months after the initial full vaccination. The EU will also recommend that Member […]

21,000 unvaccinated employees work without a rapid test

About 21,000 employees who were not vaccinated and did not pass the required number of rapid tests as they should have been identified by the monitoring mechanisms of the system Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Social Solidarity “ΕΡΓΑΝΗ” According to the website, these data appeared after a corresponding verification of the applications of […]

Lockdowns in Europe again, this time for the unvaccinated

The governments of European countries are again tightening measures against the spread of coronavirus, they concern unvaccinated citizens. WHO calls Europe the epicenter of infections, compared to the summer, now the statistics of coronavirus in some European countries reflect a 10-fold increase. Each state, based on the data of alarming daily reports, is trying to […]

The unvaccinated will be allowed to enter the supermarket only with a rapid test

The next week promises to be difficult, as, according to the latest information, the government is expected to announce new restrictive measures that will affect the unvaccinated. Yannis Ikonomou said that “the vaccinated will no longer be subject to significant restrictions.” Therefore, for the unvaccinated, the “living space” is increasingly narrowing. According to the information, […]

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