hidden cam expose

Curious citizens who want to know “the whole truth” filmed with a hidden camera in one of the production facilities (kitchen) of a well-known chain of eateries. And what was captured on video causes real disgust and shock. Unfortunately, what glitters is sometimes not gold at all. You can go to an advertised well-known diner, […]

"Rampant mice" in the kitchen of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

A video showing a mouse walking through the ΑΠΘ kitchen was posted on Facebook by students at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, who are said to have seen specific disgusting images when they returned to study from the Easter holidays. “When we entered the canteen, we saw a dramatic situation: spoiled food in pots… We […]

All catering closed tomorrow: 24-hour strike

Catering establishments across the country are closing tomorrow, Tuesday November 16, in response to new measures introduced to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. In a statement, the Panhellenic Federation of Restaurateurs and Allied Professions (Πανελλήνια Ομοσπονδία Εστιατορικών & Συναφών Επαγγελμάτων, ΠΟΕΣΕ) indicates that thousands of jobs are currently under threat from the government catering industry, and […]

Take away security: no certificate required from clients

Clarifications about take away food were made by ΓΣΕΒΕΕ President Georgios Kavwafis, who noted that, according to the new measures, in this case, coronavirus tests are not carried out. The misinformation of some of the companies in the spotlight regarding the response to the pandemic seems to create unnecessary problems for store owners and customers. […]

How foreigners can attend public catering: regulations on measures to combat covid

What applies to the entry and stay in Greece of foreigners with a vaccination certificate or previous illness from non-EU countries is stated in the legal provision. As stated in the circular from the General Secretariat for Trade and Consumer Protection of the Ministry of Development and Investment, foreigners from non-EU countries can enter the […]

"Padlocks" and losses in the field of catering

Measures to restrict the admission of unvaccinated food service establishments to closed spaces will significantly reduce turnover, according to industry officials. Owners of restaurants, cafes and eateries predict that the new measures the government intends to introduce will harm businesses. The question is also what will happen to the thousands of workers in the industry […]

Catering owners do not intend to scan customers: “Rough and unreasonable measures”

The reaction to the ridiculous measures that the Greek government is about to impose is getting worse. “Rude and unreasonable measures” – this is how the catering owners described the new “two-tier measures” to admit only vaccinated visitors to cafes and restaurants, stating that they “will not scan customers” at the entrance. After an angry […]

Self test: employers “loaded the burden” on employees

According to the joint decision of the ministry, and until the epidemiological burden is reduced, private sector workers (retail, catering, financial and insurance activities, transport, cleaning services, hairdressing salons, beauty salons, gambling establishments and bookmakers, driving schools) must conduct Self test without fail, twice a week. One of the two tests will be provided free […]

Catering opening on Easter Monday

After six months of quarantine, catering establishments have finally received the green light from the authorities and in a feverish rhythm began preparing establishments to receive the first visitors next Monday. The government has provided financial support to catering businesses, and a subsidy platform will open on May 10, and the allocated amount will be […]

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