Cheap bread will become a thing of the past

The President of the Federation of Bakers is outraged, declaring that “the last twenty days, what has been happening to the electricity bills of the suppliers, this is sheer robbery.” In other words, cheap bread will become a thing of the past, as its selling price will rise significantly.

Federation President Michalis Musios spoke about the rise in prices, stressing that since the beginning of the year this has affected all types of raw materials, up to almost 30%. “The worst situation is with the increase in electricity tariffs, in connection with which producers have to increase the prices of the final product,” he says. It is clear that the people will have to pay for everything, and the cost of living will rise sharply

Despite the fact that in Greece, and so the situation is “awful”, a large number of citizens live either below the poverty line, or on the line (somehow making ends meet), now their number will increase dramatically, since even bread will rise in price!

In the city of Volos, they have already noticed a tendency to rise in prices for bakery products, as a result of which people began to protest, according to the publication “The price of bread and each product is set freely, under the responsibility of the manufacturer. No one can determine (“freeze”) the price, not even the state, ”the president of the Federation of Bakers said, adding that“ in the past few days, the price increase has begun smoothly. ”

The specialist explains that, judging by Eurostat data, we are in the twelfth position in the price of bread among European countries. However, it should be noted that ELSTAT and Eurostat compare prices in supermarkets and not in bakeries in Greece and other countries.

According to Mr. Mousios, the price per kilogram in supermarkets is 4.40 € / kg, and in bakeries – 2.20 € / kg. “As a federation, we bill bakeries twice a year. Don’t compare different things, ”the expert says.

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