You can even go to the gods by train

On June 25, a new railway route opened in China: 90% of the road connecting the city of Lhasa, the administrative center of the Tibet Autonomous Region, with the city of Nyingchi, is located at an altitude of 3,000 above sea level.

According to the China Railway Group, the 435-kilometer line is China’s first electrified high-altitude railway. The design speed of the trains is 160 km / h. High-speed trains “Fusin” equipped with both internal combustion engines and electric motors will run along this line.

For the first time in history, trains will travel through the southeastern regions of Tibet. The fastest trains will be able to take passengers from Lhasa to Shannan in 70 minutes and to Nyingchi in 3.5 hours. More than 90% of the railways are located at an altitude exceeding 3000 m above sea level. Construction of the railway began in 2014, and track laying work was completed by the end of 2020.

This route will become, among other things, a tourist one. In particular, in Lhasa, you can admire the Jokhang monastery, built in the first half of the 7th century. In the same place, in a sacred place for Tibetans (translated from Tibetan “lhasa” means “place of the gods”), there are the winter and summer residences of the Dalai Lama – the head of Tibetan Buddhism. True, the guests of Lhasa will not find the spiritual leader himself – since 1959, when China “annexed” the territories of Tibet, the Dalai Lama has been living in the north Indian town of Dharamsala.

Every year the projects implemented by the PRC are becoming more high-tech and ambitious. So, according to the latest reports, the country does not intend to abandon its most ambitious project for the construction of a high-speed rail and a railway tunnel, which should connect this country with the United States, passing through Russia, Canada and the Bering Strait. Reports about him, in the light of the latest event, are increasingly appearing in foreign media.

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