Tourism: more than 6 million tourists have visited Greece so far

Minister of Tourism Haris Theocharis spoke about the situation in the field of tourism during an interview with Mega TV.

Mr. Theocharis said that “to date, more than 6 million international visitors have arrived in the country, based on the latest data for August.

In the last two months, that is, in July and August 2021, it looks like we will surpass 2 million visitors – a result that we have not seen since 2019. In fact, in July, our country for the first time surpassed France itself in tourism. That is, the French traveled to Greece more than they vacationed in their own country. This is a very important point. Since the opening of the tourism season in Greece, more than 450,000 French have come to the country. And given the circumstances (of the pandemic), this is a good figure. “

The Minister of Tourism described as positive and promising the data on the tourist flow in the summer season in Greece. At the same time, Mr. Theocharis stressed that “the data of the Bank of Greece show a gradual growth and confirm the resumption of Greek tourism. This is a pleasure and we all hope to keep the upward trend in tourism for as long as possible this season, as well as in September and beyond, in a respectful manner. “

Mr Theocharis also referred to a recent publication by the Financial Times, which provides a documentary analysis of how Greece quickly re-established flights to the best position in Europe.

With regard to domestic tourism, Mr Theocharis noted that “this year, too, it has moved at a satisfactory pace. The program “Tourism for All”, social tourism helped. We intend to expand these programs as much as possible in the coming years, because we saw that they have yielded significant results. “

The Minister of Tourism elaborated on the issue of vaccination and its direct impact on Greek tourism. As Mr. Theocharis said, “We all have to fulfill our responsibilities. Those who insist on not vaccinating (for their own reasons and considerations) will have limitations and obligations, including in their workplaces. First of all, we ourselves must observe distances and hygiene rules, wear masks, etc. Vaccination is the only way to freedom not for others, but for ourselves and our closest family environment, the people we love. We must protect them. “

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