GUARDIAN: what benefits will be paid before August 31

Benefits are expected to be paid to recipients of state aid on August 31, the last working day of the month, according to the Organization for Social Benefits and Social Solidarity (OPECA).

According to the relevant information, the amount of 186,558,332 euros will be paid to 744,259 beneficiaries.

In particular, these are the following payments:

Housing allowance: recipients 245,173, amount 30,135,537 euros. Minimum guaranteed income: recipients 214 990, amount 47 590 806 euros. People with disabilities: recipients 172,269, amount 70,489,996 euros. Housing assistance: 886 recipients, amount 226 431 euros. Allowance for foreigners: 6567 recipients, amount 231,127 euros. Pension for uninsured senior citizens (Law 1296/1982): beneficiaries 19 843, amount 7 014 607 euros. Social solidarity allowance for older persons: beneficiaries 15,506, amount 3,482,851 euros. Maternity allowance: recipients of 12,758, amount 12,814,637 euros. Benefit Επίδομα αναδοχής: recipients 293, 150 691 euros. First Home Subsidy Program (Γέφυρα): recipients 51 595, amount 14 024 105 euros. “Red Credits”: 4,267 recipients, amount of 307,325 euros. Funeral costs: 106 beneficiaries, amount 84,217 euros. Help for children orphaned by natural disasters: 6 beneficiaries, amount of EUR 6,000. …

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