Taliban and women

Experts agree that Afghanistan is going back at least 2 decades ago. That is, women will have a hard time – the rules of the Taliban established for them are too strict, violation of which is punishable by death.

The takeover of the country by the Taliban promises severe restrictions on everything concerning women. Experts recall the 2001 rules that were introduced by the Taliban regime, businessinsider.com writes, citing State Department reports:

women’s clothing should hide them from crown to nails; they are prohibited from working, only in special cases an exception is allowed; girls are not allowed to go to school; limited access to the health care system; when leaving the house, a woman must be accompanied by a male relative; movement in special buses; the windows of houses should be covered with paint so that no one can look inside.

Just 20 years ago, violation of each of these rules was punishable by severe beatings or death – a woman was simply stoned to death. Whether the country will return to such extremes, no one can say now. However, the first signs are evident. Just a month ago, when the Taliban stormed Azizi Bank in Kandahar, they ordered the bank employees, nine women, to leave the premises. As reported by the Al-Jazeera TV company, the Taliban “like a gentleman” escorted the bank employees to their homes and ordered them not to return to work. They were told that the jobs would be taken by men from their families.

That is, it is hardly worth hoping for any indulgence in determining the status of a woman. The hearts of Afghan women, who suddenly found themselves in such a position after the capture of Kabul, are filled with fear and anxiety for their future. Especially considering that their life can end at any moment under a hail of stones.

For now, the militants promise that Afghan women will be able to study and work, and the media will criticize the authorities. However, the UN is already reporting massive incidents of attacks on women and journalists. RBK

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