A hard winter awaits us

The country will face a tough winter, according to Adonis Georgiadis, who has left open the possibility of firing unvaccinated private sector workers.

The Development Minister commented on the coronavirus situation, stressing that 251 intubated in August 2021, up from less than 100 last year at the same time, show that we are going through difficult times.

Mr. Georgiadis said that in September, fear of a pandemic will increase, and then the layoffs of unvaccinated people will begin in the private sector. However, he explained that in no case does he call employers to take such drastic measures.

The minister then reiterated that the outlook for the winter is disappointing due to the Delta mutation. Speaking on the ANT1 channel, he cited himself as an example – despite the completion of vaccination, he contracted the coronavirus and suffered it relatively hard. He even said that the doctors said that if he had not been vaccinated, everything could have turned out much worse.

“Compulsory vaccination is a difficult decision”
Mr. Georgiadis talked about the possibility that vaccination will become compulsory for citizens. He stressed that this is a difficult decision and there is a problem of constitutionality. According to him, at this stage the government cannot make such a decision.

Elsewhere in the interview, the minister said the government has no intention of quarantining citizens who have shown a responsible attitude and have been vaccinated. At the same time, he predicted that in autumn and winter, the entrance to the closed premises of restaurants will be allowed only to those vaccinated and ill.

At the end of the interview, the minister was asked to comment on the statements of Stefanos Tsitsipas that he would not make the vaccine, unless it becomes mandatory. He claimed that the attitude of the tennis player upset him, as he is an exemplary athlete, influencing the opinion of many people.

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