Handcuffed 21 arsonists, 11 of whom are in Attica

Not one, not two, but 21 arsonists have been arrested in recent days by Greek law enforcement.

According to the information announced on the ERT channel by the representative of the Greek police Apostolos Skrekas, “in about a week we can talk about the total number of arrests and detentions that took place in the country. These are 164 checks of citizens, of which 21 arrests were made, “he stressed and said that” only in Attica, where most of the fronts were located, we had 11 arrests and 142 detentions. “

As for the fires in Viliya and Keratea, according to him, “all the possibilities of a fire are being studied by the state security and the special services of the fire brigade. They try to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. We do not yet know if there is a plan for organized arson. But law enforcement definitely has an organized plan that foresees every opportunity and leaves nothing to chance. “

Mr Skrekas also said that “most of the arrests made last week and related to arson were ‘willful acts’ or were reckless. Everything is carefully studied by experts. The investigation continues. “

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