The fire element is pacified by Polish and Romanian firefighters

The area of ​​the scorched lands in Western Attica (around Viliya) has exceeded 38,000 hectares, according to the latest measurements, which, God forbid, will be the last. According to data received from the satellite of the European system Copernicus, which was activated by the Civil Protection Service almost from the very beginning of the fire, […]

Fires: 360 thousand hectares were reduced to ash

The territory of Greece, which burned until yesterday afternoon in North Evia and Attica, is represented by the Department of Geology and Geoecology of the University of Athens. Mapping and operational monitoring is coordinated by the Disaster and Crisis Management Strategies program. The Faculty of Geology and Geoecology of the University of Athens is already […]

Fires in Evia: how 25-year-old volunteers, in sandals and shorts, saved houses from fire

The villagers had to endure very dramatic moments during the catastrophic fire in Evia. How 25-year-old volunteers helped them, local media told. Wuta, Cypressi, Monokarya. These are villages located in the north of Evia, which were almost completely wiped off the face of the earth by the fire element. However, some of the buildings were […]

Beriev Be-200: Russian giant having absorbed "small lake", covers the fire with it

They say about this aerial firefighting giant: “Giant from Russia”, “Russian giant”, “Russian beast”, and its appearance confirms this. The new effective weapon of the fire service is truly impressive. The Be-200 has eight tanks, can carry 12 tons of water in 14 seconds and is the world’s only amphibious jet aircraft. Beriev’s Be-200 aircraft […]

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