Video: impudent thieves steal a suitcase from a tourist in Mykonos

CCTV cameras on Mykonos Street recorded the criminals watching their victims from the airport. As soon as they arrived at the villa, which they rented, one of the robbers grabbed a suitcase, got into the car, where an accomplice was waiting for him, and disappeared.

Thanks to this recording, the police were able to find and arrest the criminals, but for how long?

It is impressive that in 2017, young people were arrested on the island for stealing expensive watches. In 2021, they returned and were going to profit well from the wealthy guests of the island, if the police of the Mykonos department did not put an end to their actions.

During the theft, recorded by a nearby CCTV camera, the criminals were left without prey as the tourist resisted. However, the police were immediately notified and soon arrested the robbers, as it turned out that they are well known to the local police.

Money and jewels, which wealthy tourists bring to Mykonos, turn heads of numerous “fortune hunters” from different countries of the world, who flock to the island like butterflies to the light of lamps.

This year, the police created a new department to which they were recruited 100 young police officerssent in early summer to help local law enforcement. The divisions of the new department will consist of the following divisions: the linear division of the police, the tourist police, traffic, criminal, department for foreigners and administrative support. The first three divisions will deal with police issues such as compliance with tourism legislation, compliance with the traffic code, security for potential criminal activities, etc. The Security Department will be responsible mainly for drug trafficking, as well as illegal immigration. The Administrative Support Department will finally settle the internal issues.

Time will tell whether this will yield results other than hunting for violators of the mask regime and searching for clandestine parties.

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