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Great fire in Stamata, near Athens

A large fire broke out in the Stamata area in the Attica metropolitan area, the flames came close to houses in the village of Galini, which is being evacuated as a precaution.

The 68 firefighters who arrived at the scene operate with 22 fire trucks, 3 foot groups of firefighters, as well as volunteer firefighters and water tankers. In addition to them, 5 helicopters and 4 aircraft take part in the operation to extinguish the fire.

It is noted that the operation is coordinated by the chief of the fire department of Attica, Lieutenant General Stefanos Kolokuris, while a unit of the Anti-Arson Directorate is sent to the area to investigate the causes of the fire.

Φωτια στην Ροδοπολη

Posted by (official) on Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The firefighters’ work is hampered by strong winds, which reach five on the Beaufort scale.

Firefighters are doing everything possible to prevent the flames from reaching the houses of the Galini village. “These efforts are being hampered by strong winds, which now reach 6 on the Beaufort scale,” fire brigade spokesman Vasilis Vatrakogiannis told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

Posted by (official) on Tuesday, July 27, 2021

At the same time, as the mayor of Dionysus Yiannis Kalafatelis said earlier in APE-MPE, “the situation is very difficult, and the flames are already literally” licking “the houses.”

It is noted that due to the fire, the Greek police stopped traffic at the following points: Makariou Street, from Drosias Avenue – Stamatas, Agiou Ioannou Street, from Constantinoupoleos, Alonion Street and Rodopolis Highway to the level of Avenue Drosias – Stamata.

Επιχειρούν 2 ερικσον # φωτια # σταματα

– ΔενΕίμαιΔιαχειρίσιμη (@pn_antilogias) July 27, 2021

φωτιά στη Σταματά Αττικης

Posted by Ευαγγελατος Κωστας Μαρω on Tuesday, July 27, 2021

# Πυρκαγιά σε δασική έκταση στη Δ.Ε. Σταμάτας Αττικής. Επιχειρούν επίγειες και εναέριες δυνάμεις.

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