July 22, 2024

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10 best Greek islands for sale

The territory of Greece includes about 6,000 islands and islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Sea. Here are ten of the most popular Greek islands for sale, as estimated by UK real estate agency Knight Frank.

According to information from the Private Islands Online website, several Greek islands have already been sold for about three million euros, (the last most sensational sale – Sale of Strongilo Island (round) to Hollywood star Johnny Depp).

The 10 most popular Greek islands, according to Knight Frank, in descending order by price:

10. Omphori Island, Ionian Sea – 50 million euros

9. Dulicio Island Ionian Sea – 40 million euros

8. Island of St. Thomas in the Saronic Gulf (near Athens) – 15 million euros

7. The island of Nafsik, in the Ionian Sea – 6.9 million euros

6. The island of Cardiotissa Sikinos – 6.5 million euros

5. Sofia Island, Ionian Sea – 5.5 million euros

4. Island of Kythnos – 5 million euros

3. Strongili Megistis in the Dodecanese – 4.5 million euros

2. Gaia Island Ionian Sea – 3 million euros

1. Lichtari Peninsula in the Corinthian Gulf – 3 million euros

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