Real estate: ENFIA, taxation, loans and others "Problems" in 2022

Themistoklis Bakas, president of the pan-Greek real estate network E-Real Estates, spoke about what the image of the real estate market will be in 2022. The coronavirus pandemic is the main regulator of tomorrow and is reshaping data that until now have been considered landmarks in many sectors of the economy. “The Greek economy receives […]

About 15,000 properties owned by “unknown owners”

The state has identified 14,484 properties that have been classified as belonging to an “unknown owner”. They are located in 36 districts across the country where cadastral registrations were completed in 2018. The total number of registered rights to real estate objects in these territories is 199,013, of which 7.28% (ie 14,484) are designated as […]

ΕΝΦΙΑ: changing the real estate appraisal scale

The countdown to the official announcements of the new values ​​of the real estate appraisal indicator in various regions of Greece has already begun. According to Finance Minister Christos Staikuras, who announced significant changes to ΦΙΑ, the “map” with zones of new objective values ​​will be published in the Official Gazette early next week. Mr. […]

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