June 14, 2024

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Greece launches interactive digital map of real estate price zones

The Ministry of Finance has launched a new digital platform that provides an interactive map of Greece’s property price zones.

An online tool allows citizens to see which zone their assets fall into, or receive information on so-called “objective” property prices, which represent the underlying market value of a property without added costs and taxes.

The platform was created in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Electronic Governance using Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies, resulting in a satellite map of the country’s terrain, divided into real estate price zones, which can be displayed simultaneously for useful comparisons.

At the beginning of the month, the government revised the system “objective values“, The rise in prices in some areas has even reached 250%.

Users can access the system without requiring a username, password, or other personal information.

The online platform is here www.valuemaps.gov.gr in Greek.

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