A resident of Thessaloniki stole electricity to grow marijuana

In Thessaloniki, the police opened a case of theft by a citizen of electricity for … a laboratory for the cultivation of cannabis.

Yesterday at noon, July 5, in one of the districts of Thessaloniki, after the coordinated actions of the Police Department for the Investigation of Drug Trafficking Crimes and their colleagues from Serres, arrested man for growing cannabis and drug trafficking.

During operational work, it was discovered that in one of the houses he was using, there was a power outage, which led to a malfunction of the electrical panel and the supply of current to the cannabis hydroponic plant. As part of the investigation, a woman who was supplied with cannabis was also arrested.

During an organized police operation, the owner of a “laboratory” for growing hemp was found and detained in one of the districts of Thessaloniki.

During a search conducted in two houses he used, the following were found and confiscated:

133 hemp seedlings up to 1 meter high, 60 packets of raw hemp weighing 12 kg 172 grams, cannabis plants for drying, weighing 945 grams, processed hemp weighing 726.3 grams, cocaine weighing 17 grams, hemp oil weighing 16.6 grams, 45 tablets of drugs, 3 pcs. electronic scales, an electric press and an electric cannabis mill, cash in the amount of € 12,700, equipment for the hydroponic cannabis cultivation system (lamps, transformer, thermometers, etc.).

Those arrested, against whom the case has been initiated, will be brought before the prosecutor of the first instance court of Thessaloniki.

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