Police were pelted with stones by residents of the area where drug trafficking was carried out

Incredible scenes, reminiscent of shots from American action films about the drug mafia, took place this morning in Zoniana: local residents violently attacked policemen who came to check on them. On the morning of September 7, police officers, with the participation of detachments from EKAM, MAT, TAE and other services, conducted a large-scale operation in […]

10% of Athenians use cannabis, sewage analysis shows

Every tenth inhabitant of Attica smokes cannabis, in most cases – poor quality. Cannabis is the most popular substance in the drug category, whether we are talking about “hard” or “soft”. This was confirmed by Nikos Tomaidis, Professor of the Department of Analytical Chemistry at EKPA, in an interview with Stavros Theodorakis, speaking on the […]

Landing for "landing"

More than 900 cannabis seedlings were found by the police of the Patras Anti-Drug Trafficking Directorate. A cannabis plantation was discovered in the Egalias area (Αιγιαλείας), and a man and a woman involved in the case were arrested. According to police, the location of the plantation, which was in a steep forest gorge, was revealed […]