The robbers enriched themselves by 120,000 euros

Law enforcement agencies in Greece have discovered a large criminal organization, whose members “ransacked” houses from Epirus to Crete. Their production amounted to more than 120,000 euros. Thieves, under the pretext of sometimes begging, and sometimes the sale of small things, identified empty apartments, entered them and took out everything cleanly. The extraction of the […]

Police fully armed: plan for the protection of order on November 17, Polytechnio Day

ΕΛ.ΑΣ’s plan to control the situation during the public march on Polytechnio Day is the introduction of tough measures, in particular in the area of ​​st. Patission (Athens). To maintain order, 5,000 police officers are expected to be involved. From Tuesday morning, 17/11/20, part of Patision Street (in front of the Polytechnic University) will be […]

Robbery in Menidi

An incredible incident took place in Menidi, as a result of which a woman who was robbed almost lost her life. According to the police, the criminals followed the victim from the Kifissia area when she withdrew a large sum from an ATM, about 2,000 euros. The robbers followed the lady and set up an […]

ΕΛ.ΑΣ: 76 new patrol cars

The Greek police received “reinforcements” – 76 new patrol cars, once again renewing the fleet of professional vehicles. The new patrol vehicles were purchased as part of the supply with regular budget loans and will cover the needs of various services. These are 76 new award-winning Peugeot 308s powered by a 1500 hp BlueHDi diesel […]

Arrest of criminals who stole cars and committed burglaries

Law enforcement agencies neutralized a criminal group in Laconia that instilled fear and horror in the local population. At least nine burglaries and home break-ins were committed by attackers in the municipalities of Eurotas and Monemvasia. In particular, the Sparta police department, as part of a preliminary investigation and subsequent operational actions, managed to establish […]