Guns with cartridges found in the rocks of Vouliagmeni beach

At noon on Sunday 30 May, the 2nd Department of Vouliagmeni (Saronicos Port Authority) received a call from an unknown person with the message that a firearm had been found in a rocky part of the coast, in the sea area inside the bay.

The officers of the corresponding port authority arrived at the place, where they saw a pistol and four cartridges among the stones. The Port Authority is conducting a preliminary investigation.

Let us remind you that this is not the first such find in this region. In early 2018, divers who dived in Pigadakia Bay (Vouliagmeni) found an AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle in good condition at the bottom. Judging by his condition, he did not lie at the bottom of the sea for long.

The port authorities suggested that the weapons found could have been used by criminals and then thrown into the sea to “destroy the tracks.” Indeed, a little later, law enforcement agencies confirmed that the found AK-47 was used in the murder of one of the “godfathers” of the Greek mafia, Vasilisa, in Haidari. Stefanakos.

The fact that this time the weapon was found in the rocks means that either they “didn’t throw it” to the waters of the bay, or they didn’t want the bathers to find the weapon too quickly.

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