Athens: arrest of three people for human trafficking, forgery and weapons

Greek law enforcement officers arrested in Athens two Albanians, aged 28 and 40, and a 61-year-old Greek. Those arrested are accused of crimes related to human trafficking, forgery of documents (certificates with false seals) and violation of the law on weapons. According to ΕΛΑΣas part of an investigation into a case of sexual exploitation of […]

ΕΛΑΣ: large amounts of heroin and firearms confiscated

Greek law enforcement authorities made seven arrests during a major operation on April 14 in Koropi and Markopoulo, initiated as part of the fight against drug trafficking. Police officers from the Attica Security, OPKE and EKAM subdivision for combating drugs took part in the operation, as well as search dogs. ΕΛΑΣ. In addition to the […]

Lost cartridges … on Kifissos Avenue

3,400 rounds of 9 and 22 mm rounds were scattered across the roadway of Kifissos Avenue in the Kolonos area, near the center of Athens. Employees of the call center of the Police Service “Immediate Response” could not believe what they were hearing when a citizen who called them said that “Kifisu Avenue is full […]

USA: girls take up arms

In the American town of Rigby (Idaho), a sixth grader came to school with … a pistol. She casually pulled him out of her school bag and opened fire on her peers, CNN reports. Before the school teacher disarmed her, the girl managed to injure three people – two students and a school warden. The […]

Arrests of arms and drug dealers

A drug and arms trafficking criminal group operating in Heraklion, Rethymno and Attica has been eliminated by Greek law enforcement. Four people were arrested and criminal proceedings were initiated against them. The suppression of the illegal activities of the attackers was the result of many months of systematic and specialized police investigations carried out by […]