Catering opening on Easter Monday

After six months of quarantine, catering establishments have finally received the green light from the authorities and in a feverish rhythm began preparing establishments to receive the first visitors next Monday.

The government has provided financial support to catering businesses, and a subsidy platform will open on May 10, and the allocated amount will be paid out to recipients in a few days.

Free movement between municipalities

Meanwhile, the authorities are also publishing reports of inter-municipal movements. So, if any of the residents of Kifissia wants to drink coffee in Glyfada, he can do it without restrictions. Recall that the ban on inter-municipal travel is still in effect on weekdays, with the exception of trips to hairdressers and shops. They were recently cleared in the context of code 6 traffic.

How the restaurants will work
According to a government decree, restaurants, taverns and cafes will only operate outdoors. Catering employees will have to go through a self-test twice a week, and the company pays for one of these two procedures.

According to the decree, it is allowed to accommodate up to 6 people at the table. Moreover, only seated clients. All surfaces are periodically disinfected (when changing clients), it is imperative to place a bottle of disinfectant on the table. It is compulsory for staff to wear a mask. Distancing is applicable (tables and chairs are placed according to clear directions). Catering will be closed from 23:00 to 5:00, with the exception of delivery services with a ban on the sale of alcohol.

What about a trip to a restaurant
Since Easter Monday, the curfew schedule changes across the country (starts at 11:00 pm, not 9:00 pm as it is now). This means that restaurants will be closed during this time. Since it is taken for granted that catering staff will be late to return home after work (after 23:00), Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis explained what would apply in these cases.

It was noted that establishments will close at 23:00, and employees of catering establishments will be excluded from the rules (they can return a little later than 23:00. They are given a logical time to return home after a hard day).
As for catering establishments that have little outdoor space, it will be allowed (as was done last year) to provide them with a part of the public space (sidewalk) that has access to the street so that they can arrange tables and chairs according to established rules.

In addition, the minister once again mentioned the measures of financial support for catering:

Opening only open air on Monday 3rd May. Self-testing must be carried out twice a week for all employees of the company (the cost of one of them is borne by the state). Only customers sitting at the tables are allowed (to avoid overcrowding). Disinfection of menus and surfaces when changing clients at tables. Be sure to place a disinfectant on the table. Up to six people at the table. Mandatory use of a mask by staff and customers while waiting (highly recommended for seated customers at the table or in the bar). The location of the chairs at the table and the distance between the tables (90 cm -1.2 m and 1.8 m, depending on the circumstances). Customers are allowed to use the bar counter: a) by placing two chairs together and b) at a distance of 1.5 meters from each subsequent pair of chairs. The catering is closed from 23:00 to 05:00.

It should be noted that companies that reopen with the aforementioned KAD must provide the regulatory authorities with a TAXIS certificate, which will prove that their KAD is the main activity until 1/3/2020.

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