Husband stabbed ex-wife and her brother

New facts about the double murder, which took place on the evening of Monday 5 April in the village of Makrinitsa (Pelion), have been made public.

According to local media reports, the perpetrator killed his ex-wife and her brother. According to, the police arrived at the scene of the tragedy after receiving a call from an unfortunate 28-year-old young woman to number 100. “Help, save me. He came to kill us. He broke the glass to enter our house! ”The victim shouted into the telephone receiver.

As noted, the call was received on April 5 at 19:40. The woman’s home was broken into by her ex-husband, who reportedly suffered from mental health problems and they recently divorced.

Literally immediately, a police officer from the local area (North Pelion) went to Makrinitsa in a patrol car. Despite the fact that the distance is short, he is delayed on the way, as the truck in front of him prevented the car from developing speed on a narrow mountain road.

Having reached the extended section of the road, the police car finally overtakes and arrives at the crime scene, where 2 corpses are found. The killer managed to escape from the scene of the crime.

According to law enforcement agencies, a large mobilization of the Greek police and special forces was carried out to determine the whereabouts of the fugitive, as the man left the house where the brutal murder took place in his car.

Some time later, at 21:25, he was nevertheless arrested by the police and found on a provincial road near Ano Lehonia. The offender is taken to the Magnesia Police Department.

The murder weapon, a bloody knife, was reportedly found in the arrested man’s car.

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