March 31, 2023

Athens News

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The dangers of social networks were analyzed by the director of the prosecutor’s office for cybercrimes Vasilis Papakostas, highlighting Tik Tok.

The police director sounded the alarm warning parents in a speech on Action24 that “TikTok is a pedophile attraction.”

“The Greek Cyber ​​Police is constantly updating its staff, and they are trained in Greece and abroad to prevent online crime. Social media is built for a good cause. They have special features that allow you to interact with other users. But that’s the whole point. TikTok attracts pedophiles and we have to be very careful, ”said Mr. Vasilis Papakostas.

The police director gave valuable advice on safe communication on social networks and stressed that there are not many incidents in Greece, because children know how to use the Internet, are quite open and sincere with their parents, who for the most part trust “their secrets”.

“Fortunately, there are few incidents in our country. Our children know how to use social networks. But many children under the age of 13 have already signed up on TikTok and may not yet be able to assess their social circle, as there are individuals who, using fictitious data, impersonate teenagers, which is extremely dangerous.

Parents need to talk to their children, be close to them, and encourage the child’s openness. And if you suddenly find something suspicious that a teenager told you about (regarding communication on the Internet), I advise you to immediately contact the service. And the more information you provide us, the better. Criminal actions on the Internet must be stopped in the bud, ”stressed Mr. Papakostas.

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