Murderer of 7-year-old Andreas found dead in cell

A 33-year-old Pole who killed the little son of his cohabitant 7-year-old Andreas in Kipseli and hid his body for 5 years was found dead in a cell. Because of the brutal murder of a 7-year-old child in Kypseli Organization “Children’s Smile” denounced the system and addressed the entire Greek society: A man who confessed […]

Oops … The error came out: "customer of the murder" Solonika turned out to be innocent

The gross error of the Greek police led to arrest A 48-year-old Greek citizen of Georgian origin, allegedly behind the 1997 murders of the Russian hitman Alexander Solonik (Sasha the Macedonian) and his 19-year-old old friend Svetlana Kotova. At Thessaloniki airport, Greek police said on Monday there was an arrest 48-year-old Joachim Karsliadis, who, according […]

Suspect in the murder of killer Alexander Solonik arrested at Thessaloniki airport

Authorities handcuffed a 48-year-old Greek resident at Macedonia airport in the highly publicized murder case of Sasha the Macedonian and his girlfriend Svetlana Kotova in the late 1990s. Of this Russian hitman, on account of which dozens of murders, including the elimination of criminal “authorities”, a criminal who made three escapes from custody, is considered […]

Scored to death: another tragic death of a young woman at the hands of a monster husband

The murder of a 29-year-old resident of Alexandroupoli shocked the public. The young woman died after she was beaten by her husband, who lied that she fell down the stairs. The victim, who arrived at the local hospital with her husband (!), Told the doctors that she had fallen down the stairs. Alas, the young […]

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