Re-infection with COVID-19 in elderly people

Every second of those who have crossed the age limit of 65 years can be re-infected with the coronavirus, the newspaper Izvestia quotes Danish experts.

Scientists from Denmark, from the Statens Serum Institut in Copenhagen, argue that vaccination for people over 65 is required even if they have already had a dangerous infection. It’s all about weakening immune resistance. For comparison: in people under 65 years of age, protection against re-infection is 78.8%, in older people this figure drops to 47.1%. The researchers came to this conclusion after studying more than 10 million PCR tests. That is, 53 elderly people out of every 100 (more than half!) Are capable of contracting coronavirus again.

In Denmark, approximately 70% of the population has already been tested for COVID-19, 138 residents of the country have been re-infected with coronavirus. This made it possible to argue that even people who have been ill need a vaccination that can protect them from infection. However, Russian scientists believe that proper clinical trials are worth conducting. In their publication in The Lancet, Danish researchers pointed out:

“A better understanding of the degree of protection against re-infection among those who have recovered from SARS-CoV-2 is necessary to determine the best ways to counteract the infection.”

Andrey Prodeus, professor of the Baltic Federal University named after Immanuel Kant explains that there is nothing surprising in the results of the study – the immunity in older people actually decreases much faster than in younger people. But it is worth paying attention to one more factor – it is necessary to distinguish between infected and patients with COVID-19, since a positive PCR test can also be in a carrier who is not sick. And he clarified:

“If we talk about immunity after a disease or vaccination, then all studies show that even after them, the patient still has a chance of becoming infected, but he has a guarantee that the disease will not develop in a severe form.”

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