Home helper robbed the elderly

From February 2019 to July 2022, the 46-year-old woman worked as a domestic worker in nursing homes in the wider area of ​​Lagadas and Sykeon (Thessaloniki). An investigation by local police officials identified a woman of Greek origin who used her job to steal money and jewelry from the elderly. As part of the investigation, […]

Robbers pretended to distribute fruit for free and robbed the elderly

The perpetrators pretended to be municipal employees handing out fruit for free and robbed the elderly. The gang, which systematically committed thefts from the homes of the elderly, was liquidated by the South-East Attica Police Department. The criminals approached the elderly, posing as municipal employees, and under the pretext of distributing free fruit, invaded their […]

Horror: the elderly, locked in the apartment, died alone from heatstroke and starvation

Law enforcement agencies in Greece are investigating the tragic death of two elderly people. The elderly couple were found dead in their Kipseli apartment at noon on Thursday 4 August. A forensic report, as well as a police investigation, revealed how their horrific demise occurred. It is noted that the tenants of the apartment building […]

The robbers who robbed the elderly of 300,000 euros were detained

The criminal organization, whose members committed fraud, theft and robbery against the elderly in Attica, was liquidated. Police arrested six people, including the ringleader, during a police operation carried out on Wednesday June 30 in the areas of Achaia and Attica. A criminal case has been initiated against the detainees on the fact that they […]

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