Japanese Defense Ministry announces North Korean ballistic missile launch

According to the Japanese Ministry of Defense, the ballistic missile was launched from North Korea on March 25 at 07:06 local time, NHK reported.

The report of the Japanese military specifies that “the missile fell outside the exclusive economic zone of Japan, there is no danger for the country.” However, the country’s coast guard issued a special warning for fishing vessels in the Sea of ​​Japan.

03/21/2021 from the territory of North Korea, 2 missile launches were carried out, which were not ballistic. On March 23, The Washington Post reported that the DPRK had tested short-range missiles. It was noted that they were “the first direct challenge of the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, to the American President Biden.”

The United States declared its awareness of “military activities by the DPRK, which are not permitted in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions,” and added that Washington considers Pyongyang’s missile launches to be “normal military activities.”

On March 24, the Committee of the Chiefs of Staff (KNS) of the DPRK confirmed that Pyongyang had conducted a test launch of two cruise missiles last Sunday.

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