The Japanese announced the lack of intelligence in the government of Ukraine

Ukraine has fallen into a serious political scandal, writes “Mainiti”. A video was posted on the website of the Ukrainian government, in which Emperor Hirohito is put on a par with Hitler and Mussolini. The Japanese are outraged. They believe that the Ukrainian government has problems with the intellect, if they have come to this. […]

Japanese garden in the heart of Athens

In Athens, the first Japanese garden appeared in Greece, which is located in the Nereidon Park on Michalakopoulou Street, not far from the National Gallery. The groundbreaking ceremony for the project, which is part of the Municipality of Athens “Take Your City” program, took place on Wednesday. The Japanese Garden in Athens was created with […]

Japan: analysis of vaccines in which “bonuses” were found is ready

The Japanese company, Kyodo reported, found stainless steel impurities in the Moderna vaccine. The Japanese Ministry of Health has released the results of an investigation by Takeda Pharmaceutical. The experts concluded that the vaccine vials contain stainless steel metal dust. It probably somehow got there during the production process from factory machines, perhaps due to […]

Double mutant discovered in Japan

A new strain of coronavirus, which carries two mutations at once, was discovered in Japan, reports The Japan Times, citing Tokyo Medical and Dental University. Scientists report that the new Delta strain carries two mutations at once. One of them is characteristic of the one in the Alpha variant. ” The level of infectivity has […]

Olympics 2020 without spectators

The decision of the Japanese authorities to hold the Olympics, which starts on July 23, with empty stands, is officially confirmed – a taboo has been imposed on visiting spectators. The emergency introduced in Tokyo due to coronavirus outbreaks is valid from July 12 to August 22. The government made the decision to empty the […]

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