UK: Ukrainian refugees become homeless

“Officially homeless” – why can this status become a reality for refugees from Ukraine fleeing the war in the UK? Ukrainians face serious problems with housing, because after the end of government support, free accommodation under the “House for Ukraine” scheme will become unavailable. Initially, the British state project was more than attractive. The authorities […]

Fifth month of the war: how Ukrainian refugees live in Europe today

The situation for Ukrainian refugees who have taken refuge in Europe from the war is constantly changing, and not always for the better. Other countries stop the issuance of cash benefits, others cancel preferential travel on transport, and others completely stop accepting refugees from Ukraine. According to the UN, during the period of hostilities in […]

The Bulgarians were left with the impression that their "used" – situation with Ukrainian refugees

In Bulgaria, a loud scandal erupted around Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war, settled in coastal hotels. After a scandalous photo “walking” on the network, as well as a variety of comments under it, the publication “Country” decided to deal with the situation. A loud scandal erupted against the backdrop of the resettlement of refugees from […]

More than 60% of Ukrainians may stay abroad. Why can this happen

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, more than 7 million Ukrainians have gone abroad. Some have already returned. However, the war continues, and a large number of Ukrainians have remained abroad, where they are establishing their lives. Will they want to return home after the war? Oleksandra Kolomiets, PhD in Economics, Senior Economist […]