Meteorologists predict tornadoes in three regions of Greece

Meteorologists warn residents of Greece about the arrival of a cyclone called Bogdan in the country. Bad weather will hit Greece in the next few hours. Three regions of the country require special attention due to the high possibility of tornadoes.

As reported, in the Ionian Sea, as well as on the coast of some areas of Epirus and the western part of continental Greece, on Tuesday morning (September 27) – in addition to storms – tornadoes may fall, and hail is also possible.

According to the latest weather forecasts from the National Observatory of Athens/, heavy rains and storms are expected in the west-north-western parts of our country from the evening hours of Monday 26 September. The bad weather will continue until noon on Tuesday 27/09.

In detail, from the evening hours of Monday 26 September:

  • Rain and local storms are expected first in the northern parts of the Ionian Sea and Epirus, which will gradually spread to the rest of the Ionian Sea, the western part of mainland Greece and possibly the northwestern Peloponnese.
  • Weather cataclysms in some places of the Ionian Sea, Epirus and in the western part of continental Greece will be strong. Heavy rains are expected.
  • Precipitation falls under category 3 according to the Regional Precipitation Index (RPI) developed and operationally applied at the National Observatory of Athens/
  • In the morning hours of Tuesday September 27, during the occurrence of storms in parts of the Ionian Sea, as well as in the coastal parts of Epirus and western continental Greece, tornadoes are possible.
  • Hail is possible in some parts of the Ionian Sea.

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