Poland to buy 116 used M-1 Abrams tanks

On July 15, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced that the country would purchase 116 used M-1 Abrams tanks from the US. According to Visegrad 24, deliveries will begin after Poland receives a batch of Abrams M1A2 tanks ordered from the United States. Judging by the message above, this will happen no earlier than 2025? […]

Greece will supply Ukraine with Soviet tanks

Olaf Scholz assured Ukraine that Greece would supply tanks instead of armored vehicles. He noted that now the ministries of defense of the two countries are working out the specifics of the agreement. Its essence is that instead of its Soviet-style tanks, which Greece will transfer to Ukraine, it will receive modern combat vehicles from […]

The mystery of the “Z” sign on the equipment that storms Ukraine

A couple of days ago, on social networks, eyewitnesses to the advance of Russian troops in the areas bordering Ukraine willingly shared information about special and clearly visible markings on military equipment. For example, on February 22 blogger Michalina posted a video in which moving T-72 tanks have a “Z” symbol inside a white square. […]

Thessaloniki: tanks, military equipment and missiles on the streets of the city – parade rehearsal

A rehearsal of the military parade to be held on October 28 was held in Thessaloniki. The sight was impressive as the motorized units of the armed forces took to the streets of the city, which, of course, did not remain without the close attention of passers-by. How will the celebrations take place in Thessaloniki […]

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