July 14, 2024

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Crosetto: "We must keep the channels of dialogue open."

Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto believes that it is wrong to treat all Russians as enemies.

He advocated maintaining channels of dialogue “for the Russian people”, talking to publication Corriere della Sera:

“I also believe that it is wrong to treat all Russian people as enemies. I have never shared the closeness towards artists, athletes, civilians. We must leave the channels of dialogue open.”

The head of the Italian Defense Ministry clarified that he means the channels “for the Russian people, and not for political elites who seek confrontation”:

“Last week, some European ambassadors met in Moscow and asked why we are refusing visas to Russian citizens. It would be better if people also come to Europe to hear another voice. We must continue to help Ukraine because there is no alternative, but we can change something to show the Russian people what the West is, freedom, democracy, peace.”

The minister stressed, the newspaper notes, that it is Russia that wants an escalation in this war, and supported tank deliveries Ukraine:

“Some countries have decided to provide tanks at the request of Ukraine as a large-scale Russian attack is being prepared. This choice is not driven by a desire to continue the war, but by the need to help the affected country cope with an attack in which Russia is attracting 300,000 soldiers who are finishing training. The attack is so disproportionate that If Ukraine didn’t get help, it could only surrender.”

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