The West was refused by India: it will buy even more Russian oil – Moscow is building a tanker fleet

Implementation of price caps on Russian oil by the G7-EU that began yesterday is likely to end in failure, strengthening Russia and its economy against the West. Moscow has been preparing for this and quietly purchased hundreds of tankers from the market in order to continue sales to the two huge economies of China and […]

Greek shipowners are angry at K. Mitsotakis: he caused hundreds of millions of euros in damage to them

A number of Greek shipowners, including very influential people, are extremely dissatisfied with Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his government, since the prime minister caused hundreds of millions of euros in damage to them by his actions. What worries the prime minister is that this is not a specific case, but many actions that have been collected […]

The President of Ukraine blames Greece

Volodymyr Zelenskyy accused Greek companies of helping the Russian Federation to transport oil by tankers. He stated this during a speech at the annual government round table The Economist, quotes “Country”: “Russia, by its game with gas, is doing everything so that inflation only unwinds, and so that Europe experiences the greatest crisis in history […]