July 22, 2024

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USA: imposing sanctions against tankers and companies for transporting Russian oil

The US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has sanctioned eleven companies and three tankers for “carrying Russian oil sold at a price above the established ceiling.”

About it reported on the official website of the department on November 16. Sanctions were imposed against the following Russian companies: ABS Electrical Engineering, Esset Automation, Esset Electro, Dominion Nikolsky, Dominion Tverskaya-Yaroslavskaya, All-Russian Research, Design and Technological Institute of Relay Manufacturing with an Experienced production”, “ABS ZEiM Automation”, “Mosen Asset Management”, “VNIIR Gidroelektroavtomatika”, “VNIIR Promelektro”, “VNIIR-Transstroy”.

In accordance with the sanctions, the organizations’ assets will be frozen in the United States, and American companies and citizens will be prohibited from doing business with them.

The sanctions also included the shipping company Kazan Shipping Incorporated, registered in the UAE, as well as Progress Shipping Company Limited and Gallion Navigation Incorporate, registered in Liberia. The restrictions apply to the associated Liberian-flagged oil tankers Kazan, Ligovsky Prospect and NS Century. Sanctions against tankers, writes dw, was introduced for “transportation of Russian oil sold at a price above the established ceiling.”

As our publication reported, on Monday, November 13, a new, twelfth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation was announced, which introduces the European Union. The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, announced this at a press conference after a meeting of the association at the level of foreign ministers. The document will soon be submitted for approval to the Council of the European Union. Borrell announced that he would expand the existing list and include diamonds.

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