A couple from Russia seeks to lift the ban on the renewal of a residence permit

A Russian businessman who has been living and working in Greece since 2012 is seeking an injunction from the Supreme Administrative Court of Greece to overturn a ministerial order suspending the renewal or issuance of new residence permits to Russian citizens because of the war in Ukraine. February 28, 2022 Minister for Immigration and Asylum […]

Greek Supreme Court: Vodokanal privatization attempt is unconstitutional

The Greek State Council ruled on Friday that the transfer of a majority stake in Athens Water SA and Thessaloniki Water SA to the Hellenic Corporation of Assets & Offering (HCAP) privatization fund is unconstitutional. The Greek Supreme Court said that, in accordance with the constitution, the Greek state should have full control over the […]

Greek Supreme Court ruled: “mandatory vaccination of occupational groups is constitutional”

Greece’s Supreme Court – the Council of State – ruled on Friday that compulsory vaccination of EMAK health workers and rescuers in the fire department is constitutional and in line with super-legal provisions. In addition, it held that the suspension from work of unvaccinated personnel and, therefore, without remuneration, was also in accordance with the […]

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