A sharp increase in prices for gasoline, diesel fuel and heating oil – from 14% to 36%

The cost of liquid fuels has risen sharply across Europe, incl. and in Greece. This was influenced by the war in Ukraine, sanctions against Russia, the growth of the dollar and the position of OPEC+. Compared to the current period last year, the largest increase in prices at the European level was recorded for diesel […]

Kastoria: The first mass protest against support for the sanctions policy of the Greek government against Russia

The citizens of Greece are ready for mass protests, daily faced with a rapid rise in energy prices as a result of sanctions against Russia, which K. Mitsotakis decided to impose. The Prime Minister placed Greece in the “framework” not just in the framework of “unfriendly countries”, but recorded Greece in the camp of “hostile […]

Inflation in Greece rose to 12.1% in September

Greece’s European Union-aligned consumer price index reached its highest level since the country’s entry into the eurozone in September, according to Eurostat’s estimates released on Friday. to 12.1% from 11.2% in August. Inflation in the Eurozone also hit an all-time high, hitting double-digit 10% for the first time, beating forecasts that it would hover below […]

2 out of 3 Greeks have cut spending on food and reduced the use of home appliances

Two out of three citizens have reduced their electricity consumption and food purchases, and eight out of ten regularly “hunt” for promotions and discounts held in supermarkets. Since the money spent is now the main criterion for choosing products. This is the result of a study by the Consumer Goods Retail Institute (IELKA), which reflects […]

The Energy Crisis and Rising Prices: What Consumers Worry Most About

The energy crisis and rising prices are the biggest concerns for Greek consumers, according to a statistical survey conducted by the Research Institute for Consumer Goods Retailing (IELKA). The survey with a sample of 1000 consumers was conducted during the week from August 29 to September 2, 2022. According to IELKA, the biggest fear right […]

How the Government Provided Guaranteed Surplus Profits for Energy Suppliers

What has been happening in Greece with electricity over the past year goes beyond even the most nightmarish scenarios. The prime minister is handing out public money collected from overpaid indirect taxes and ostensibly subsidizing Greek consumers’ electricity bills. On the one hand, the companies are selling the social good called electricity at exorbitant prices, […]

The government will introduce "grocery cards"so that the population does not die of hunger

A new measure of support for the population, which is not surprising given the situation in which the country found itself under the Mitsotakis government, the prime minister is expected to announce in TIF, the introduction of “food cards”, that is, food rationing, so that the people of Greece can survive the coming difficult winter […]