Olive oil: new season with rising prices

Favorable conditions for Greek olive producers are created by price increases during this period in Europe, associated with drought in the main producing countries – Spain and Italy. Estimates by market representatives of reduced olive production in the new growing season due to drought and lack of water for irrigation in Spain and Italy, countries […]

German pensioners invited to spend the winter in Greece to get rid of huge gas bills

Greek tourism minister invites German pensioners who fear huge heating bills to spend the winter in Greece The Guardian. With German gas bills already doubling and expected to be seven times higher than last year, Vassilis Kikilias says Greece offers warmth, hospitality and lower food and restaurant prices. “We would be delighted to welcome German […]

Profit limitation on household appliances subsidized under the scheme “Ανακυκλώνω – Αλλάζω Συσκευή”

The amendment, introduced in Parliament on Tuesday, caps the maximum profit from the sale of home appliances subsidized under the Ministry of Development’s Replace My Home Appliances program. The cap appears to have been seen as a necessity after eligible consumers denounced “rising prices” for air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers. The subsidy program aims to […]

Rising rents and skyrocketing inflation plunge Greeks into poverty

Rising rents are another factor affecting the financial situation of Greek city dwellers, along with rampant inflation, especially rising energy and food prices. According to a survey conducted among just over 1,000 respondents by the research and communications firm About People , almost half (47.8%) individual tenants are either having difficulty paying their rent or […]